What We Do

Why us?

We have direct hands on experience with feral dogs for many years-decades.  Our first experiences started back in the early 1970’s. Ours is not theory, we did not read it in a book, write a thesis, recite others work, find  in a government report, or while sitting in an office. No we handled it ourselves directly!  We saw it, felt the emotions, the damage, the fear, frustration, and we experienced it all first hand.  Our principal consultant is James A. Schmidt II (Jim) who worked for the United States Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services for 10 years in Arizona in high feral dog areas as a field specialist directly performing all the work himself.  Jim worked hand in hand with local government agencies, law enforcement, and desperate citizens on major feral dog problems across Arizona, including along the U.S./Mexico border.. He also provided services directly to military installations for 8 years.

What we do?

We are not a rescue service but we will work with rescue services if that is the necessary and a realistic resolution for the specific project and problem. We provide onsite-consulting service on how to address and resolve real feral dog issues in specific areas worldwide. We will not present or work with an unrealistic, unethical, or non-practical solution to any feral dog issues.  The goal is to resolve the issue and not to extend the risk and danger of a real feral dog problem.

We prefer to work with local government and law enforcement authorities that have jurisdiction over the area where the feral dog issues are occurring.  We know that it is not always possible but it is our preference.  We can work with private owners, Native American Nations, foreign countries, and more. We offer the following services to those needing help with feral dogs;

  • On site evaluation of the feral dog issues
  • Prepare written documentation of the problem(s) with feral dogs
  • Recommend possible solutions to the feral dog problem
  • Assist in the resolution of the Feral dog issues
  • Provide full services in the resolution of the feral dog issues
  • Provide training to local officials in resolving the feral dog issues.
  • Provide presentations as necessary to educate the government officials or the public on the feral dog issues and possible resolution.

How can we help you?

Every organized community, city, county, state, borough, province, regional government, Native American Nation, national government, and foreign country has an obligation to protect its assets; its citizens, livestock, pets, and property. They know they must provide for the safety of its property and citizens’ most importantly the children.  Feral dogs can be very dangerous, spread disease, they can kill and injure humans, destroy property, are a threat to wildlife and domestic animals alike.  Once a government (or anyone) becomes aware of a feral dog issue they become responsible; liable for that knowledge.  Each is morally responsible to resolve the issues quickly too.  We can help! We can do it!

Public and private Animal Control operations are generally not equipped, trained, have the time, personnel, or even authorized to handle the requirements of resolving major feral dog issues.  Law enforcement (including wildlife management personnel) is the same; not trained, equipped, have the time, personnel, or generally not authorized to handle feral dog issues. Local citizens should never be left to deal with the issues themselves either. The majority of feral dog issues also occur in residential areas where our citizens; children live and play.  Their safety and protection is our responsibility.

We as humans have a responsibility to these animals to deal with them efficiently, effectively, and as humane as possible.  Each case must be evaluated carefully and with compassion and understanding for all involved.  We work hard to find an agreed solution for all involved and it often takes very hard decisions and compromise on all parties part.  It is not easy! It can be dangerous too.