About Us

Feral Dog Consulting International is headed by James A. Schmidt II (Jim) a ten-year veteran of the United States Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services (USDA/WS) in the Arizona Program (now retired).  Jim is College Graduate with a BA degree in business. He is an accomplished speaker, writer, and outdoor television show host.  He is a very experienced trapper, hunter, tracker, researcher, trainer, firearms expert,  and professional business man in both public and private environments. Jim is the first USDA/WS employee in its over 100 year history to receive a certification from the National Animal Control Association for handling domestic animals.  This certification is required by many Animal Control agencies across the United States for their employees. He has certifications in other animal control programs like “Safe Capture”, handling immobilizing equipment and devices, the use of deadly chemicals for animal control, and other necessary training to get the job done. He is also a certified NRA firearms trainer, has a Conceal Carry Permit in Arizona,  former certified Hunter Safety Instructor, and a firearms and ammunition expert with recognition worldwide


We work with an additional group of experienced professional personnel on a part time and full time basis from project to project.  All can have individual skills and strengths in specific necessary area to get the job done.  They include;


Duncan Davis

Mr. Davis is an experienced and accomplished trapper, tracker, hunter, and outdoorsman.  He has worked directly on feral dog issues in Arizona and Nevada for many years.  He is proficient and safe with firearms, analysis of situations involving all types of animals, night hunting and observation,  working animal issues in residential areas, military facilities, air fields, industrial areas, and more.  He is levelheaded, very safe, responsible, and responsive.

Tony Parrish

Mr. Parrish is a retired Cochise County Sheriff Department Sergeant.  He has over 20 years of  direct hands on experience with feraldog issues along the U.S/Mexico border.  Working hand in hand with other government agencies he has addressed feral dogs alongthe U.S./ Mexico border successfully.  He is an accomplished trapper, shooter, and tracker.  He has worked directly on and with military facilities, cities, counties, and unincorporated area on feral dog issues. Mr. Parrish brings a great deal of individual experienceto any situation. He quickly identifies with local law enforcement officials and individuals. He understands the protocols required from first hand experience. Please read the following article on Mr. Parrish and his experiences. Article on Tony from Policemag.com - www.policemag.com.